How can I change the fan mode?

To turn on Natede Basic, just keep your hand still in front of sensor. After a double blink of the LEDs you will enter the change mode. Every second the mode is changed in the following order: silent, standard, performance, off.

  1. Silent (fan at 25% and LEDs off): the lowest band of LEDs lights up as indicated;
  2. Standard (fan at 50% and LEDs on): the low and mid-range of the LEDs light up as indicated;
  3. Performance (fan at 100% and LEDs on): the whole LED band is on as indicated;
  4. Off: fan and led are off. Once you remove the hand, the LEDs flash 2 times to confirm the selection.

To see the currently selected mode, just pass your hand in front of sensor A and the LEDs will flash for 1 second.

If you want to turn o the product or change the fan mode, you must keep your hand still in front of the sensor and the sequence will start again from silent mode.


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