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Natede Smart

Natede Smart

Natural air purifier and monitoring system

A sustainable air purifier with no filters to change. It eliminates and monitors indoor air pollution.

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Natede Smart eliminates pollutants, it doesn't collect them

Natede Smart is a natural and sustainable air purifier with monitoring system that uses the power of plants and nano-materials to remove your indoor air pollution. Unlike other air purifiers, it doesn't collect toxic agents inside the filter but it eliminates them in a safe way.

Thanks to the phytodepuration and WO3 PCO technology, Natede Smart eliminates viruses, bacteria, Fine Particulate, VOCs, and odors.

How it works?

We use the latest-generation technology on the market

Natede Smart uses phytodepuration, the natural ability of plants to absorb air pollutants and transform them - thanks to the presence of microorganisms near the roots - into nourishment for the plant itself.

The photocatalytic filter is treated with WO3 PCO (photocatalysis oxidation) technology which is activated by LED light. Toxic agents are eliminated at the molecular level, and not simply collected!


The power of plants

Natede Photocatalytic filter

Photocatalytic filter

No extra costs and waste

The natural air purifier with no filters to change

What makes Natede Smart different to other air purifiers is that you don't have any filters to change because the photocatalytic filter eliminates pollutants at a molecular level and you just need to wash it.

In 5 years with a HEPA air purifier you spend over 500€ in filters. With Natede Smart you get a filter you don’t have to change.

Main features

More than an air purifier

Remove VOCs, viruses, bacteria, PM 2.5, and odors

No filters to change! Save money and protect the environment

Monitor your indoor air quality with the Vitesy Hub app

Smart activation when it detects pollutants

1L self-watering system for your plant

Silent and low power consumption - less than a LED bulb

High-quality temperature, humidity, VOCs, PM 2.5, and CO2 sensors

Improve your wellbeing with new and fresh air

Tested in our laboratories

-99% of Volatile Organic Compounds

Unlike traditional air purifiers with HEPA filters, Natede Smart doesn’t just block pollutants but it eliminates them naturally.

    Volatile Organic Compounds

    -99% within 2 hours

    VOCs constitute a wide range of substances dangerous to health that can cause irritation to the eyes, nose, throat, and respiratory problems.

    Test conducted by an independent laboratory.



    -93% after just 24 hours

    Biological contaminants and bacteria can come from heating systems, air conditioning, mold, and dust.

    Test conducted by an independent laboratory.



    -85% in the first hour

    Formaldehyde is one of the most common Volatile Organic Compounds. It can be found in paints, plywood, glues, and insulating coatings.

    Test conducted by an independent laboratory.


    Control your indoor air quality

    Discover the Vitesy Hub app


    Maintain the ideal temperature, day and night


    Avoid the formation of mold in the house

    Volatile Organic Compounds

    Reduce the level of air pollution

    Particulate Matter

    Check the amount of PM present in the air


    Never exceed the optimum level of Carbon dioxide

    Vitesy Hub app

    Real-time monitoring
    Check the air you breathe and receive personalized notifications when the air quality is getting worse

    Charts analysis
    Follow the improvement in air quality over the weeks or months thanks to the graphs of each individual sensor

    Air flow management
    Choose the mode and intensity of the purification and, if you don't want to deal with it, the automatic mode will do it for you


    Hey Google, how’s the indoor air?

      Natede Google Home

      Ask Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa about the air quality. Natede reports the data of the air you breathe and you can manage it via voice commands.

      Hey Google, what’s the air quality in the kitchen?
      Hey Google, lower the fan.
      Hey Google, turn on Natede
      Hey Google, switch to performance mode.
      Natede Amazon Alexa

      Ask Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa about the air quality. Natede reports the data of the air you breathe and you can manage it via voice commands.

      Alexa, what’s the air quality in the kitchen?
      Alexa, lower the fan.
      Alexa, turn on Natede
      Alexa, switch to performance mode.

      Breathe better, live better

      Sleep better

      Improve the quality of your sleep with Natede Smart. Place it in the bedroom, it will be your smart assistant for a new way of living.

      Take care of the people you love

      Headache, fatigue, allergies and asthma can be the consequences of an uncontrolled space. Natede Smart helps you and your family to live in a healthy environment.

      Increase productivity

      The environment around you also affects your productivity and ability to concentrate. Natede Smart creates the perfect environment to work.


      The best plants for your Natede Smart

      Natede was born after a study according to which some plants are able to purify the air through their roots. In fact, there are specific plants with which Natede Smart makes the most of the power of phytodepuration. Choose the perfect one for your needs.


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      We care about your air and our planet

      Being sustainable for Vitesy is a lifestyle

      Our air purifiers are 100% green and sustainable

      Natede Sustainability

      We give new life to materials
      Natede Smart is Made in Italy with fully recycled A-quality plastic. To preserve the environment, we give a second life to the materials that are wasted every day.

      Low energy consumption
      Even in consumption, Natede Smart cares about the environment. It consumes less than an LED bulb. So you can keep it running 24/7 so you can breathe clean air every day.

      Plant 10 trees with Natede Smart
      Thanks to the collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects, if you buy a Vitesy product we will plant 10 mangroves in Madagascar for you.

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