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Discover our air purifiers

Discover our air purifiers

Smart and sustainable products for indoor pollution

More than an air purifier

Smart and sustainable air purifiers for indoor pollution

Select the best option for you, create your ecosystem

Natede Smart

A smart and sustainable air purifier with monitoring system

Natede Smart features

A natural solution

Natede Smart uses phytodepuration, the natural ability to absorb air pollutants and transform them - thanks to microorganisms - into nourishment for the plant.

No filter to change

In 5 years with a HEPA air purifier you spend over 500€ in filters. With Natede Smart you get a filter you don’t have to change.

Real-time monitoring

Check the air you breathe and receive personalized notifications when the air quality is getting worse thanks to the Vitesy Hub app.

Voice command

Ask Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa about the air quality. Natede reports the data of the air you breathe and you can manage it via voice commands.

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Eteria features


Create an ecosystem with many air quality modules in every room

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Advanced pre-filter

Eteria has two steps of purification. The first one is the external fabric pre-filter that blocks large particles like pollen, dander, and dust.

Photocatalytic filter

The second step is a ceramic photocatalytic filter treated with WO3 technology that destroys, at molecular level, the pollutants.

Build an ecosystem

Monitor the air quality wherever you want and check the pollution level of each room to purify it with the portable air quality modules.

New life to materials

Eteria is Made in Italy with recycled A-quality plastic. To preserve the planet, we give a second life to the materials that are wasted every day.

Natede basic features

Natede Basic

It’s more than an air purifier: it’s a design object for your home

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Boost the power of plants

Natede Basic can eliminate pollutants from your indoor air thanks to its natural power called phytodepuration.

Our technology

The photocatalytic filter is treated with WO3 PCO technology which is activated by LED light. Toxic agents are eliminated at molecular level, and not simply collected!

Zero waste approach

What makes Natede Basic different to other air purifiers is that you don't have any filters to change because the filter doesn’t keep the pollutants inside the filter.

Made in Italy

Natede Basic is a design object for your home. Thanks to its premium recycled plastic it’s sustainable and perfect for every room of your home.

What benefits do our products bring?

Our products have been designed to create new and clean air. With Vitesy products you can:

  • eliminate viruses, bacteria and pollutants
  • reduce respiratory problems and allergies
  • improve the quality of your sleep
  • prevent headache and dizziness
  • boost your mood


Our products work with a washable filter.

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