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Smart and sustainable air purifiers for indoor pollution

Smart and sustainable air purifiers for indoor pollution

Our products

One goal, three solutions

Air purifiers and monitoring systems

Main Features

What makes our air purifiers unique?

Sustainability, technology, and design combined together to improve your life.

Dual-stage purification: 2 filters for extra performance

Monitor your indoor air with cutting-edge sensors

No filters to change! Save money and protect the environment.

Control your air and change the mode with the app

Eliminate smoke, bacteria, VOCs, odors, viruses, and more

Silent and low power consumption

Smart activation when it detects pollutants

Recycled and sustainable materials

Why an air purifier

Nothing is as essential as the air we breathe...

... but are you sure what's inside?

Indoor air pollution is up to 5 times higher than outdoors.

Indoor air pollution is up to 5 times higher than outdoors.

As we spend 90% of our time indoors, we need to find a solution to an invisible problem. The air indoors looks clean, but it’s filled with pollutants.

Smoke, paint, cleaning supplies, and other household items can release harmful pollutants into our air like benzene, xylene, formaldehyde, and ammonia.

To improve your well-being, we need to know what these pollutants are, where they come from and, most importantly, how can we eliminate them.

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How our air purifiers work

We don’t collect, we destroy pollutants

Our superpowers come from photocatalysis: a sustainable nanotechnology that eliminates air pollutants instead of collecting them in the filter.

    1. Breathe new fresh
      Thanks to the plant, Natede Smart produces new clean air and is not limited to air recirculation and filtering
    2. Self-watering system
      If you don't have a green thumb, the 1L water tank will help you to have a healthy and happy plant.
    3. No filters to change
      No more waste and extra costs. Just clean the filter under running water and use it forever.
    4. Monitor the air quality
      Thanks to the app and the monitoring sensors you can control your air quality in real-time.
    How ti works Natede Smart
    1. Purify the air around you
      Eteria takes in the surrounding air thanks to a silent and quiet fan.
    2. Fabric Pre-Filter
      The external pre-filter blocks large particles like pollen, dander, and dust.
    3. Photocatalytic Filter
      Nanotechnology attacks pollutants, breaking apart their chemical bonds, and turning them into harmless substances.
    4. Monitoring System
      Thanks to the portable Monitoring Module you can control your indoor air in every room.
    How it works Eteria
    Sustainable products

    We care about your air and our planet

    Our air purifiers are 100% green and sustainable

    Vitesy Sustainability

    We give new life to materials
    Natede Smart is Made in Italy with fully recycled A-quality plastic. To preserve the environment, we give a second life to the materials that are wasted every day.

    Low energy consumption
    Even in consumption, Natede Smart cares about the environment. It consumes less than an LED bulb. So you can keep it running 24/7 so you can breathe clean air every day.

    Plant 10 trees with Vitesy products
    Thanks to the collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects, if you buy a Vitesy product we will plant 10 mangroves in Madagascar for you.