Why is my Shelfy disconnected?

If you see a grey bar indicating that the device is disconnected, this could be due to several reasons. We suggest trying these things, waiting a minute after each step and closing and re-opening the app to check if the situation changed:

  1. Check if Shelfy is turned on: if the device has been physically turned off with the button, it cannot communicate with the app. Try pressing the button to verify that the device is on-the LEDs will light up telling you the current mode.
  2. Check if the battery is charged: if the device does not respond and you do not see any lights turn on when you press the button (even the lights near the filter), it could mean that the battery is empty. Charge the device until the light turns green.
  3. Try restarting Shelfy: press and hold the middle button, you will see the LED flashing orange. Hold it down until the LED goes out.

If the product is on and the LEDs are lit, then it means there is a WiFi connection problem. Check the router settings to see if the signal is strong enough or change the WiFi settings within the app, just go to the last section settings > WiFi.


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