Shelfy: The Solution to Food Waste

A smart device designed to make your food last longer and help you save money.

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the food produced that is wasted at home, equal to about 1/3 of the total food


the annual cost per household of wasted food


greenhouse gas emissions resulting from wasted food, equal to 8% of all emissions


refrigerators with an above average amount of bacteria and mold

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The solution to food waste?

Less contamination

It decreases the circulating microbial load and possible contamination.

Remove odors

It degrades the molecules responsible for bad odors.

Improve the shelf life

Make the food you have in the refrigerator last longer.

Reusable filter

Save money with the washable photocatalytic filter.

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Discover our brand new product. A revolution against food waste. A smart device that improves the shelf-life of your food and remove odors from your refrigerator.


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How it works

Our technology preserves the shelf-life up to 12 days

Zucchini after 22 days of storage in the refrigerator



with Shelfy

Reduces bacterial load 10 times

Increases freshness by 12 days

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Improve the shelf life

Reduce food waste by making your food last longer

up to 12 days

+ 12 days

Double the days of food freshness



Reduced bacterial load on fresh foods

- 90 %

- 90 %

Abatement of odorous compounds

Fight food waste with Vitesy

It’s time to make a difference with Shelfy. This new smart device will help you to save money, eat healthy, and be more sustainable

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Product Features

  • Plug and play
  • Photocatalytic filter with nanomaterial technology
  • Up to 30 days of battery
  • Connectivity and door opening sensor
  • App with Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration
  • Quick and easy eco maintenance

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