How can I change modes?

Shelfy has 3 modes of use:

  • Eco: designed for daily use against odors and microorganisms in the air, allowing battery life of 3 weeks. Suitable when Shelfy is placed on the shelf and/or you have a half-empty refrigerator.
  • Crisper: designed for operation inside the fruit and vegetable drawer to help you best extend the life of your food.
  • Performance: designed only for temporary intensive action to clean the refrigerator of odors and microorganisms in the air, suitable after filling the fridge or extraordinary situations (e.g. when you have a very full refrigerator).

You can change modes via the button or the Vitesy Hub app.

In the app you will just go to the section with the fan icon and set the mode to Eco, Crisper or Performance.

Otherwise, you will just press the button 1 time to switch to the next mode (the order is: Eco, Crisper, Performance).

If you feel like Shelfy's fan speed does not react immediately, don't worry! Remember that Shelfy works in purification cycles.


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