How long does the battery last?

Shelfy is designed to minimize energy consumption, and the battery allows continuous operation for up to 3 weeks in Eco mode.

The duration depends on the program selected:

  • Eco provides standard purification, minimizing the impact on the battery. In this mode the typical duration of is 3 weeks.
  • Crisper is designed for targeted action for when Shelfy is placed in the fruit drawer, lasting a few days less than Eco.
  • Performance is designed to give your refrigerator a purification boost when itʼs needed (for example, when you load the refrigerator with lots of odor-causing ingredients). We do not recommend prolonged use as the impact on the battery is very high. Typical life is about 5 days.

For optimal recharging see the FAQ: How to recharge?

Note: The data on this page are the result of statistical analysis performed on a sample of about 10,000 devices in use inside real refrigerators. The duration observed on an individual product may therefore deviate, either over or under, from the reported values.


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