How to recharge?

To charge Shelfy, simply take Shelfy out of the refrigerator, place it on a dry surface and let it acclimatize for about a quarter of an hour to avoid condensation. After that, separate the 2 outer shells and connect the included USB-A/USB-C charging cable (or another compatible one) to the socket on the side of the inner shell. When Shelfy is charging, you'll see the LED around the button flash white.

Shelfy, to ensure up to 3 weeks of battery life, has a 10400 mAh battery. It is comparable to a large power bank, when compared to a latest generation laptop (MacBook) it has almost double the capacity. We recommend using the included cable together with a charger of at least 15W, output 5V=3A (with lower power the charging time will increase linearly as the power decreases), the charging time in the ideal case is 7 hours.

When the device is charged, the LEDs around the center button light up green.


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