There is an exclamation mark on the app

It looks like your Natural Air Purifier is no longer connected to your Wi-Fi network correctly. Try to follow these steps:

  • Check that your Wi-Fi network is working and has an active Internet connection.
  • Check that your Natural Air Purifier is connected to your Wi-Fi network (if among the Wi-Fi networks available around you also see a network called Clairy_AP_XXXX then your purifier is not connected to your Wi-Fi network).
  • Try to detach Natural Air Purifier from the electric current and re-install it after about one minute.
  • Restart Natural Air Purifier’s app. Wait a few minutes and verify that the device is back online correctly.


If even after following these steps the red exclamation mark does not disappear, reset your Natural Air Purifier using the appropriate magnet, remove it from your profile and try to reconfigure it from the beginning.


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