My Eteria is disconnected

When the device has been disconnected for more than 24 hours, you will see the "disconnected" state in grey in the app. The device cannot be controlled, for this reason it is important to proceed with the reconnection.

The problem may be due to the WiFi connection, then try to:

- move the device closer to the router;

- change or re-enter the WiFi network in the Vitesy Hub product settings;

- check if the device is plugged;

- if none of the three options work, try to remove the device from the app and connect it again by clicking on "Add a new device".

If none of the solutions provided work, contact support.

Please note: it is also possible to connect the device via hotspot, however, it is best to use a home network, since the phone should always be next to the device. Also, a hotspot connection is not as stable and lasting as that of a fixed router.


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