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10 ways to create a cleaner and more sustainable home
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10 ways to create a cleaner and more sustainable home

If you want to find out how you can keep your house clean while doing your part in saving the planet, follow our tips!

The best place to start living a sustainable lifestyle is at home. That's because there are various areas in your house where you can dip your toes into being environment-friendly. One of which is cleaning.


If you want to find out how you can keep your house clean while doing your part in saving the planet, follow the tips below:

Make your home well-insulated

Insulating your home using sustainable materials is an excellent way to enable energy efficiency.


Whether you want your house to be cool or warm, proper insulation provides that your home is at a comfortable temperature for a lot longer.


If you have poor insulation, it might deteriorate and create dust particles or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air. This can compromise your indoor air quality. Hence, consider insulating your home using sustainable materials.

Switch to green cleaning products

One of the first steps to sustainability that people can easily make today would be switching to green cleaning products. That's because you can make the transition as straightforward as possible. Moreover, you can make your cleaning products using ingredients that you can find in your pantry.


Green cleaning products can help you maintain the cleanliness of your home without causing harm or damage to the environment. Since many of these green cleaning products are made from natural ingredients, they are less likely to be harmful to your health when you use them.


Of course, before you buy a commercially available green cleaning product, Maid Sailors Maid Service NYC suggests that you double-check the background of these products first. Some of these “green” cleaning products are riding the wave of sustainability instead of advocating sustainability. So it’s best to look up reviews online to clarify first.

sustainable cleaning products

Clean your indoor air with an air purifier

If you want your home to be clean inside, you shouldn't forget about your indoor air quality. You want to make sure that it's clean as well.


You might be surprised to find that sometimes, indoor air can be filled with more pollutants than outdoor air. That's often because there's less airflow inside the walls of your house.


You can open your windows as an easy solution to avoid air stagnation in your home.


Aside from getting more airflow into your home, it would help if you considered getting Natede Smart to help you with purifying the air in your home. 

Natede Smart is a natural air purifier that uses the power of phytodepuration combined with the power of the new technology of photocatalysis.

With its purification system, Natede Smart can eliminate viruses, bacteria, VOCs, fine particulate, and odors.

natede smart eliminates

And you don’t have to change the filter. This feature can make you save up to 300€ per year in filter changing.

Repaint the walls with water-based paint

We mentioned the presence of VOCs before from insulation, but there are many places where you can find them.


For example, some paints have VOCs in them as well, so after you paint the walls, you inadvertently release those VOCs into your home too. If you want to avoid this, opt to use water-based paint instead, especially with natural pigments.


By using water-based paint, you avoid getting VOCs in your indoor air. At the same time, there is more of a variety in color available to you.

Install a low-flow showerhead

Getting a low-flow showerhead is an excellent way to be resourceful with your water usage at home.


A low-flow showerhead can help add more aeration to your shower head so that you use less water but stay just as clean. If anyone in your family has a problem reducing water usage during a shower, then a low-flow showerhead can be a helpful solution.

Shop for energy-efficient appliances

Buying energy-efficient appliances allow you to conserve electricity. These appliances are already made not to use as much power to run and do their job. All you need to do is, well, purchase it.  

PRO TIP: Look for an ENERGY STAR label to ensure that your appliance is genuinely energy-efficient.

Upgrade light bulbs to LEDs

Another way you can be more energy efficient at home is by switching out your old light bulbs with new ones, specifically LED bulbs. LED bulbs use a lot less energy than incandescent bulbs. Aside from that, they light up just as bright, if not better, than your older light bulbs.


They also will last your home a lot longer, so the frequency of you having to replace it with a new one will decrease. Overall, there are a lot of benefits to switching to LED bulbs which is why it's a good idea to change today if you haven't yet.

led lights

Buy Fair Trade

A more sustainable home isn’t just about making sure that items are made from eco-friendly materials. It’s also about making sure that the sourcing and production of specific items, like your cleaning products, were made ethically.


One way to check that is by looking for fair-trade certification in the products you buy.


Green products that have the fair-trade certification are not only made from sustainable materials, but were also manufactured using cruelty-free methods. At the same time, any local people involved in the processing and creation of said product were paid fairly for their services and goods.


This makes for a truly guilt-free purchasing experience for your home.

Start your own compost

Instead of throwing your food waste away, why not start your own composting station at home?


This is an excellent choice for people who also garden at home because you can create a natural fertilizer to the benefit of your plants. You also reduce the waste that you throw out at home since you're reusing your food waste for the better.

make your own compost

Cut out plastic

There is a lot of plastic circulating in this world, and some of them end up being pollutants. Therefore, you want to ensure that you find a way to reduce your plastic usage at home.


There are various ways to do this. First, you can opt for refillable water bottles instead of buying plastic water bottles all the time.


They're reusable, and you can fill them up with anything. Some of these refillable water bottles also help keep the temperature of whatever you're storing in them last longer, which is an added benefit.


Another way to cut out single-use plastic at home is to go for reusable materials. Instead of using plastic bags or paper bags, you can bring your canvas bag to the grocery store.


These cleaning tips can help you practice sustainability at home. Try these out for yourself so that you can enjoy a lovely home while also reducing your negative impact on the environment.


Author: Jacky Xu