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5 incredible superpowers you get when you breathe clean air
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5 incredible superpowers you get when you breathe clean air

You don’t need to get bitten by a radioactive spider or come from Krypton to be a superhero, you just need to breathe clean air.

Do you want to have superpowers? Everyone can get them, by getting rid of toxic agents. Don’t believe it? Discover how clean air can change your life.

How do you feel when you breathe clean air

Here you are five incredible effects you get without inhaling pollutants.

1. You become Mastermind

As oxygen is the food for your brain and you need to “feed” your intelligence. Clean air can expand your mental capabilities thanks to a higher percentage of oxygen you can find in the fresh air.

In fact, Harvard University Research stated that clean air can improve your cognitive scores by 101%. If you are smarter, you will be more productive at work, you’ll take better strategic decisions and you’ll be more focused. This superpower is not only applied to your job. You will also surprise everyone with your great test scores at college too!

Thanks to the release of oxygen your body will feel also less stressed and you will have a creativity boost you need to come up with MacGyver’s kind of ideas.

2. You get the power of happiness

Being happy is a gift for you and the people around you. As clean air reduces stress, being happy can be easier by simply breathing good air. A Canadian Research stated that there is a correlation between air pollution and mood. They also said that  “unhappier the citizen of a country the more air pollution”.

They analyzed 14 Europ