What’s the main difference between Eteria and a normal air purifier?

Unlike the other air purifiers which are designed to be fixed, Eteria has been created to be portable and light, so that it can be moved in every room of the house. Furthermore, Eteria is made of a ceramic filter that does not need any replacement. 

This undoubtedly implies significant economic savings and full respect for sustainability.

The majority of the air purifiers out there are made with HEPA filters which have to be changed periodically. Also, small pollutants can escape to these kinds of filters, and mold and bacteria can grow on them. All these downsides make the purification less effective.

Studies have also shown that in addition to VOCs, toxic gases, and chemicals, photocatalytic units can also make harmless many dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide - these are pollutants that can often escape standard units using only HEPA technology.


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