What does it mean to be a sustainable company?
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What does it mean to be a sustainable company?

Vitesy puts into practice every day various principles that allow it to respect, enhance and support the environmental balance, while maintaining its core business. Let's find out together!

Eco-sustainability must be like freedom: guaranteed to everyone.

As human beings, we strongly depend on the well-being of our planet because without it we could not exist and consequently, we could not even realize our goals, dreams, and ambitions.
To be realized, the eco-sustainable philosophy needs balance. In fact, having a balanced life means having respect for ourselves, for others, and for the planet that allows us to live every day.

You can find the concept of sustainability in the definition of the verb "to sustain". What is sustainable is able to stand on its own, it is something that knows how to stand up because it is characterized by a basic harmony that allows it not to have any imbalances that make it collapse. Let's think of a chair: it’s balanced thanks to its 4 legs, the fundamental pillars.

eco-sustainability needs balance

If one of these elements were missing, or the balance between them disappeared, the chair would fall and it would not be possible to make it stand up. And if we think that a person is sitting on the chair, the person himself would fall with the chair. Therefore, if the environment loses its balance, we are destined to follow its decline, because the relationship between man and nature is what has allowed us to proliferate and survive over the years.

This is why Vitesy puts into practice every day various principles that allow it to respect, enhance and support the environmental balance while maintaining its core business. Let's find out together!

5 eco-sustainable principles that characterized Vitesy

1) Remember that resources are finite, not infinite

From product design, packaging and shipments, every action is done respecting 2 major aspects: recycling and environmental impact. In fact, Natede is made with recycled plastic and the packaging is made from recycled cardboard. And in each of our shipments, we always choose to favor the programs that couriers make available to reduce transport pollution in order to minimize the environmental impact as much as possible.

2) Eco-sustainability is not just theoretical justice, it is a necessary concept

The concept of sustainability must not be seen simply as a great world utopia but represents (especially in recent years) the only possible way to allow present and future generations to live in a world free of pollution and suitable for the proliferation of life and nature. In fact, we have developed the concept of an air purifier that does not need to replace the filters because this would involve huge waste disposal, with the consequent waste of materials and the creation of garbage that is not totally reusable.

In fact, the technology of our photocatalytic filter allows the elimination of pollutants and not their entrapment. Unlike most of the purifiers on the market which limit themselves to mechanically block the pollutants in their tight meshes, our Natede puts in place a chemical reaction thanks to TiO2 (titanium dioxide) which, reacting with visible light, produces oxidants that work to decompose organic and inorganic substances at the molecular level.

Eteris photocatalytic filter

3) Eco-sustainability as a social vision

Being sustainable doesn’t only mean respecting the planet as a place where we reside and live. It’s also respecting the life itself, therefore the lives of other people. Vitesy's mission is to improve people's daily lives by fighting indoor pollution, through an air purifier that:

  • it consumes less energy than others on the market
  • it does not require periodic maintenance or replacement
  • it does not produce waste or polluting residues

By doing so, we allow people to enjoy clean and fresh air, without weighing from an economic and energy point of view, allowing them to deal with indoor pollution without impact in the long term on collective economic and energy consumption.

4) Circular Economy

Since Vitesy is a reality that is expanding globally, we are aware of the importance that companies play both globally and individually in the environmental impact. This is why we embrace the green philosophy and the concept of the circular economy because we know that it is the most sustainable choice over time and that it will allow effective and efficient use of materials, which are destined to become increasingly scarce.

plant trees with Vitesy and Eden Rreforestation Projects

5) Invest in caring for the planet

Having a green philosophy and using bio-materials is not enough to give back to the planet what it gives us every day. This is why we have activated a partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, which allows us to donate part of the revenues from the sale of our Natede to plant new trees and thus donate oxygen and well-being to the environment.

We plant 10 trees for every Natede sold, thus combining the benefits of artificial and natural air purification. Thanks to this splendid initiative, we have managed to plant more than 100,000 trees around the world, helping to safeguard nature and the environment of planet earth.


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