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Improve your sleep with plants that release oxygen at night

Improve your sleep with plants that release oxygen at night

How photosynthesis works and what are the best plants to place in your bedroom?

Sleeping well is essential. A bad night is enough to be in a bad mood and tired throughout the day. Forget sleeping pills, pillow sprays and other solutions that can have negative health effects. The solution is simple and nature itself provides it.

Why you should place a plant in your bedroom?

Plants are known to give people around them a calm feeling. They are not only a part of the home, but they bring energy and life to the environment. Bringing a plant into the bedroom will not only help your mood and sleep, but if you choose the right plant it will help you remove pollutants from the air.

Improve air quality thanks to nature

Some types of plants remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) thanks to their natural phytoremediation process. In fact, they capture all the toxic agents in the air such as Benzene, Ammonia, and Formaldehyde and keep them inside the soil. Here, thanks to the microorganisms present near the roots, the harmful substances are transformed into nourishment for the plant itself. But some of these plants have something extra: they produce oxygen during the night.

Improve air quality thanks to nature

Photosynthesis during the night

Everyone loves plants but many wonder if the bedroom is the right place. In fact, the concern that many people have is that plants release carbon dioxide overnight. This is true, but you don't have to worry about it, because the carbon dioxide levels that plants emit when you sleep are very low and are not harmful to health.

However, there are some types of plants that carry out photosynthesis at night. So, despite the absence of sunlight, instead of releasing carbon dioxide they release oxygen.

What are the best plants for your bedroom?

Aloe Vera

Are you having trouble sleeping? Does the lack of good sleep cause tiredness and drowsiness? Try placing an aloe in your bedroom. Thanks to its nocturnal emission of oxygen, it alleviates insomnia problems. Also, having a higher oxygen level in your bedroom, it improves overall sleep quality as it calms the nerves and relaxes the mind.

Areca Palm

This plant also produces oxygen at night, but it also has a special feature! Being a typical plant of tropical areas, it helps to maintain the perfect humidity level for the night. This will not improve sleep, but also breathing, especially for sinusitis sufferers.


This beautiful plant, thanks to its colorful flowers will not only give a touch of color to your bedroom, but it will improve your health and your sleep. Thanks to its ability to increase the oxygen level in your bedroom at night and to purify the air, it will allow you to breathe fresh and clean air all night.

Boston Fern

Known by the scientific name of Nephrolepis Exaltata, this plant is excellent for the bedroom because it increases oxygen and humidity in the environment. It also eliminates the toxic agents from your air. In this way you can sleep peacefully, your plant will take care of everything.


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