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Why should you start the new year with an air purifier?
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Why should you start the new year with an air purifier?

Starting the new year with an air purifier at home will improve your well-being. After all, what is more essential than the air you breathe?

Is the indoor air healthy?

The sources of indoor air pollution

Indoor air quality affects our health

  • Effects in the short term
  • Effects in the long run

What is an air purifier?

Natede Smart, the natural air purifier

Natede Smart technology

Natede Smart: your solution for the new year

There is nothing better than starting the new year in the right way. Knowing that we are going in our own direction and that we are doing the right things for us and for our family gives us a lot of joy.

From work to our hobbies, from planning the next few months to starting new experiences. But above all, we make sure that our health comes first.

And one of the aspects that most affects our health is undoubtedly our breathing.

Every day we take about 20,000 breaths, and we breathe 23 times more air than we eat and 8 times more air than we drink, awesome right?

And that's why in this new year it is necessary that every breath you take is pure, to be perfectly healthy in order to achieve all the goals you have planned.

But unfortunately there are some aspects to take into consideration when it comes to breathing because not everyone is aware of it: let's see some of them together.

Is the indoor air healthy?

Did you know that we spend up to 90% of our time indoors? And there is bad news: unfortunately the indoor air in these environments can be up to 5 times more polluted than the outdoor one. And even your home or your office can have this problem.

According to a WHO study, indoor air can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. This is due to the multiple sources of pollution that are hidden inside closed environments and which in most cases are invisible and not easily identifiable.

And it's precisely because of their invisible nature that it may seem that they are not there. But unfortunately they are in our environments and it is good to know them.

The sources of indoor air pollution

Indoor spaces are rich in formaldehyde, benzene, nitrogen dioxide and many other pollutants. According to a 2016 study by George Washington University, there are 45 harmful chemicals present in our indoor environments.

Pollutants can be visible: such as allergy-causing powders that can even cause asthma attacks (allergy sufferers are very aware of this), up to animal hair, mold stains, and cooking fumes from our kitchens.

cooking air pollution

Or there may also be invisible pollutants (which are generally the most dangerous): such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which the most dangerous are benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene. And also the dangerous viruses and bacteria, which cause serious damage to our respiratory systems.

And last but not least, the sources of pollution that come mainly from combustion and that can stagnate directly in our interior spaces, such as vehicle exhaust gases and the smoke from our fireplaces and wood stoves, which contain a high amount of carbon monoxide (CO).

All these pollutants, if not adequately combated, can have repercussions on our organism and lead us to various problems during our time in indoor spaces.

Indoor air quality affects our health

Air quality is influenced by the presence or absence of pollutants in our indoor environments and can have repercussions on our health.

Many of the problems that we thought didn't have a well-defined cause, have been finally related to the air quality. Thanks to various scientific studies it has been proof that 1 in 3 cases of absences from work and illnesses is closely linked to respiratory problems due to pollution.

A striking example is the Sick Building Syndrome, which is a specific physical condition that occurs when the indoor air you breathe is polluted and unhealthy.

Pollution can therefore cause various effects that can be divided into short-term effects and long-term effects.

effects short term air pollution

Effects in the long run

  • Chronic inflammation of the respiratory system
  • Loss of lucidity
  • Fatigue
  • Lethargy
  • Exhaustion
  • Mental confusion
  • Development of degenerative diseases
  • Development of cancers

To remedy a complicated situation such as indoor air pollution, for your new year, you should know an extraordinary tool that allows you to fight this invisible enemy: air purifiers.


Air purifiers are proving to be increasingly useful and effective devices for enjoying your own indoor air without having to worry about the consequences.

What is an air purifier?

If you still don't know the air purification market and even how exactly the various models work, don't worry! Now we will understand it together.

Basically, there are different solutions on the market and each has its own characteristics. The air purifiers on the market differ in price, filter, size, purifying capacity, and their effectiveness on certain categories of pollutants.

The most famous and effective alternatives are HEPA purifiers and PCO purifiers.

We at Vitesy have chosen the path of PCO, or photocatalytic oxidation. It represents the future of the air purification market, as it provides for a better abatement of microorganisms such as VOCs, viruses, and bacteria.

But that's not the only reason: photocatalysis does not require continuous filter replacement unlike HEPA, which on the contrary needs continuous filter replacement.

natede smart filter

This inevitably leads to 2 serious problems:

  • A big cost for those who decide to buy a HEPA who will have to periodically spend money and waste resources in changing filters (in fact they are often very expensive in the long run and are not even recyclable).
  • They risk concentrating too much on dust and fine dust and do not deal with killing viruses and bacteria.

What is the solution we propose? It's called Natede Smart!

Natede Smart, the natural air purifier

Natede Smart is a natural air purifier that combines the phyto-purification power of plants with the power of the photocatalytic filter.

natede smart

The creation of our Natede Smart started from a NASA study, according to which some types of plants are able to purify the air thanks to their growing substrate. In Natede Smart technology, this phytodepurative power of plants is enhanced by the PCO system, that is, thanks to the photocatalysis process.

In addition to being a beautiful design object that adapts perfectly to any environment and situation, Natede Smart is equipped with cutting-edge purification technology.

Natede Smart technology

The airflow that passes through Natede Smart undergoes two stages of purification.

The first stage is in the growing medium of the plant, which eliminates some of the dust, fine particles and VOCs.

The second stage of purification provides a filter that does not block pollutants, but eliminates them. In fact, thanks to a particular chemical reaction that occurs between the action of the LEDs and the engineered tungsten trioxide (WO3) that covers the ceramic filter, it is possible to obtain extraordinary results by eliminating:

  • Virus
  • Bacteria
  • VOC (volatile organic compounds)
  • Fine Particulate (PM 2.5)
  • Odors

Thanks to its photocatalytic filter Natede Smart produces billions of hydroxyl radicals and superoxide anions, which are two highly oxidizing elements. They are created in billionths of a second and work to break down matter at the molecular level.

The result is an effective decomposition of organic and inorganic pollutants.

This type of photocatalytic filter does not need to be replaced, but simply rinse it under water 1 or 2 times a year.

And to guarantee you total control of your air, Natede Smart allows you to keep track of the pollution levels of your air thanks to its latest generation sensors, which monitor:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Fine Particulate
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide)

and it returns all the data through the free "Vitesy Hub" app.

Natede Smart: your solution for the new year

Natede Smart can really improve your indoor air and it can make a difference in your days.

Start your year by discovering the new frontier of air purification and save a lot of money and waste over the years with our ultimate solution to take care of your air.