What are the features of the app?

Through the Vitesy Hub app you can access additional Shelfy features and enjoy the full experience:

  • Monitor the status of your refrigerator through various parameters, such as operating temperature, number and time of door opening, and filter and refrigerator cleaning status.
  • Fully control Shelfy's behavior: choose from three available modes: Eco, Performance, or Crisper.
  • Receive useful information on Shelfy's filter and refrigerator maintenance, and be notified whenever there is a need to clean them. This way you can make sure your refrigerator is always in top condition!
  • Monitor Shelfy's battery status and charging status.
  • Access exclusive content that allows you to become a food storage expert: learn everything you need to know about placement, seasonality, and handling of food in the fridge and fight food waste like a pro!

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