How to improve the connectivity of Shelfy

Shelfy is designed specifically for use inside the refrigerator, ensuring that it can connect to a WiFi network.

First, make sure that your WiFi network is working properly in the place where you want to place Shelfy and that the signal is strong enough.

It can also happen, however, that there are external sources of interference that weaken the signal, so understanding what the sources are can help you identify and mitigate connection problems.

Possible causes of interference

  • Building construction and layout: thick walls, floors and ceilings can hinder Wi-Fi signal propagation, especially if they are built with dense materials.
  • Physical objects such as metals, magnets and glass can reflect the Wi-Fi signal and reduce its strength.
  • Channel congestion: in densely populated areas (such as apartment buildings and offices) it happens that Wi-Fi networks operate on the same frequency band, causing congestion and interference.
  • Electronic devices: some emit electromagnetic waves that can interfere with the signal, such as microwaves, baby monitors and other Bluetooth devices.

How to minimize interference?

  • Place the router strategically, ideally in an elevated position and close to Shelfy to minimize physical obstacles.
  • Remove physical objects that may cause interference (mentioned in the previous paragraph).
  • Use mesh networks or repeaters to provide more uniform coverage (useful in larger homes).

If the connection continues to be unstable, don't worry: Shelfy's firmware collects data even while offline, saves it for a few days, and sends it to the app as soon as it reconnects. Remember also that this does not affect Shelfy's effectiveness, as the cleansing effect does not depend on the internet connection.

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