How can I switch off the Natural Air Purifier WiFi?

Caution: this operation will prevent Natural Air Purifier from being managed through its dedicated app, you will not be able to monitor temperature, humidity, VOCs and air quality anymore. Moreover, you will not have further firmware updates through the Natural Air Purifier app without first reconnecting the WiFi.

  1. As soon as Natural Air Purifier's power cable is connected to the electricity supply, the LED will flash for about 15 seconds.
  2. During these 15 seconds, Natural Air Purifier's WiFi does not appear in the list of WiFi networks available.
  3. If you do nothing during these 15 seconds, Natural Air Purifier makes its WiFi network available at the 16th second.
  4. If, however, during these 15 seconds you bring the magnet near to the tech unit, the LED starts flashing quickly, and will flash 12 times before turning off. At this point you can remove the magnet. The LED will then light up for about 2 seconds (confirming that the WiFi has been turned off). Now you have deactivated Natural Air Purifier's WiFi properly.
  5. You need to restart Natural Air Purifier to reactivate the WiFi.

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