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How to Keep an Allergy-Free House for the Upcoming Holiday Season
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How to keep an allergy-free house for the upcoming holiday season

Christmas is a magical time. But watch out for allergies! Discover the tips to make the most of this allergen-free period!

Place doormats in the entryway

Be thorough when vacuuming floors

Shop for an air purifier

Change your air filters frequently

Buy an allergy-friendly Christmas tree

Avoid using artificial fragrances

Get rid of Poinsettias

There is no denying that holidays bring friends and family together. Nonetheless, you can also use this time to enjoy your own company while curled up in a blanket. However, for people with allergies, the holiday season can be problematic. If you have allergies but want to enjoy the upcoming holiday season to the fullest, here are eight ways you can keep your house allergy-free:

Place doormats in the entryway

If people in the house have a habit of walking in their shoes upon entering the house, make sure you place doormats in the entryway. Shoes don’t only bring dirt and dust into the home. It can also bring in pollen particles that might have clung to your shoes, which would then trigger your allergies.


It would be ideal to have doormats before entering the door and after to be sure. However, it would be better not to get into the habit of using your shoes while inside the house. Leaving a shoe rack by the entryway is a great way to prevent that from happening.

pleace doormats in the entryway

Be when vacuuming floors

You want to ensure that you vacuum regularly during the upcoming holiday season. When everyone’s cooped up at home, and especially if you have pets with you, you might not be so open to keeping the doors or windows open due to the cold. That means dust and others can settle.

To help improve your situation indoors, Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services NYC advises you to vacuum your floors thoroughly. When you’re making the pulling motion for the vacuum, that’s actually when it starts cleaning, so that’s when you should be taking your time the most.


You might also want to get handheld vacuum cleaners for hard-to-reach places like through your curtains or on your furniture.

Shop for an air purifier

Keeping your windows closed during the holiday season can help reduce your allergy symptoms.


However, some people might find that they’re still waking up feeling congested. If that’s the case for you, then it might be time to start shopping for an air purifier by your bedside. That can help actively reduce air pollutants triggering your allergies.


If you’re going to shop for an air purifier, you might want to go the extra mile and use innovative air purifiers like Natede Smart. This natural air purifier can serve as a vase or a pot for specific plants that help filter air through the roots. You get everything you need from an air purifier and more using this particular air purifier.

natede smart air purifier

Change your air filters frequently

As mentioned before, you should make sure that you change the air filters in your home frequently. Since the holiday season is the best time to have guests hang out, more people come and go to your house. That could stir up settled dust, which would then have chances of you inhaling it. Thus, triggering your allergies.


Aside from that, the holidays would be the best time to stay by the fireplace and cuddle up with one another or read a good book. That means that there might be ashes or other particles floating in the air because of that. With that said, you should change the air filters frequently.

If your air filters haven’t been as efficient as they used to be, then that’s an apparent time to change the filters.

Buy an allergy-friendly Christmas tree

Instead of getting real trees into your home for the coming Christmas season, why not get an allergy-friendly tree instead?


Many of the Christmas trees that you bring back home with you are filled with all sorts of irritating pollutants such as mold, dust, and pollen. Aside from that, you might have contact allergies triggered by sap found in these trees.


Of course, that doesn't mean that you should get just any artificial tree out there. There are too many artificial Christmas trees made from materials that release toxins into the air. This can cause irritation in your lungs.


An excellent alternative for a PVC-free and allergy-friendly Christmas tree would be PE trees. It's more sustainable because you don't have to chop down a tree to get it and neither is it made from harmful materials.

allergy-friendly christmas tree

Avoid using artificial fragrances

Anything in your home producing artificial fragrances is not ideal for people who have allergies or are sensitive to them. Although being welcomed by something fragrant is nice, you have to consider your allergies. That's because artificial fragrances can trigger allergies.


You should also avoid being too near the fireplace so that you aren't as exposed to the smoke. If someone in your home is using an air freshener, for example, invest in a good air purifier instead. Doing so can remove any of the allergens that could invade your space.

Get rid of Poinsettias

Poinsettias are common during the holidays, but it doesn’t mean that you need them to celebrate the holidays.

This flower is part of the rubber tree family. This means that it can trigger allergies for someone who's allergic to latex.

You can always get red-colored flowers other than poinsettias, which will still create that festive effect. Of course, it might be better not to get any Christmas plants since they might still contain pollen that can trigger allergies.

By following these tips on how to keep your home allergy-free, you can make the most out of the upcoming holiday season. That's because nothing can stop you from doing so. Not even your allergies.

Author: Andi Croft