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How to Keep an Allergy-Free House for the Upcoming Holiday Season
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How to keep an allergy-free house for the upcoming holiday season

Christmas is a magical time. But watch out for allergies! Discover the tips to make the most of this allergen-free period!

Place doormats in the entryway

Be thorough when vacuuming floors

Shop for an air purifier

Change your air filters frequently

Buy an allergy-friendly Christmas tree

Avoid using artificial fragrances

Get rid of Poinsettias

There is no denying that holidays bring friends and family together. Nonetheless, you can also use this time to enjoy your own company while curled up in a blanket. However, for people with allergies, the holiday season can be problematic. If you have allergies but want to enjoy the upcoming holiday season to the fullest, here are eight ways you can keep your house allergy-free:

Place doormats in the entryway

If people in the house have a habit of walking in their shoes upon entering the house, make sure you place doormats in the entryway. Shoes don’t only bring dirt and dust into the home. It can also bring in pollen particles that might have clung to your shoes, which would then trigger your allergies.


It would be ideal to have doormats before entering the door and after to be sure. However, it would be better not to get into the habit of using your shoes while inside the house. Leaving a shoe rack by the entryway is a great way to prevent that from happening.