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Do air purifiers work for pet allergies?
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Do pet air purifiers work for allergies?

Let's see together if it's possible to reduce the symptoms of allergy to pets by using an air purifier in your home.

  • How can I reduce the symptoms of allergy to animals thanks to air purifiers?
  • Clean your house frequently
  • Fresh air in your home
  • Pet air purifier: how does it work?
  • Which air purifier works for pets allergy?
  • Natede monitors the air and reports the quality of your air via the app
  • Which plant is not toxic to cats and dogs?
  • What do Natede users say about pet allergies?

Pets are increasingly present in our homes because they represent a unique company that brings us joy and serenity every day.

Many people consciously choose to adopt them, even knowing they are allergic to them: an understandable choice as we know how much affection animals can give back to their owners.

However, it becomes a choice to live with every day, which involves countless symptoms such as:

pet allergy symptoms

... and many other unpleasant symptoms unfortunately represent an obstacle to living peacefully with your furry friend.

How can I reduce the symptoms of allergy to pets?

Sacrificing health in such a case is not a good thing because the will is to spend as much time as possible with your pet.

The solution therefore is to adopt strategies to ensure that coexistence can be pleasant and without consequences on our health and well-being.

What are these strategies to reduce pet allergy symptoms? Let's see them one by one!

Clean your house frequently

It may seem trivial, but it is perhaps one of the main elements to ensure that the residues of animal hair do not stagnate everywhere, capturing dust and impurities.

Cleaning your home often will significantly reduce the symptoms of pet allergy because there will be no possibility for dirt to remain on the surfaces or furniture, thus ensuring a healthy environment.

Dusting often, cleaning floors, and ensuring bedrooms are free of pet hair are key to a healthy environment that effectively prevents pet allergy symptoms.

pet allergy

Fresh air in your home: benefits for pet allergies

Opening the windows several times a day prevents the air from becoming stagnant. It does not favor the accumulation in the air of impurities carried by the pet hair and animal salivation.

In fact, animals breathe exactly like us and in this breathing, they release even a small part of their salivation, which is the primary cause of the top pet allergies.

Implementing this air exchange process will make the environment lighter and more oxygenated, thus allowing you to counteract the onset of symptoms.

The problem arises when the environment cannot be ventilated for various reasons: how can this be done in this case? Is there an effective solution?

Pet air purifier: how does it work?

A solution to permanently guarantee a healthy indoor environment with clean air is undoubtedly using pet air purifiers.

Air purifiers for pets are machines that collect the air from the house and convey it to their internal filter to return it to the outside free of impurities and pollutants that are harmful to humans.

Therefore, they represent an excellent solution for those suffering from pet allergies because they allow you to obtain an environment that is constantly free of allergens, thus reducing the probability of the onset of symptoms.

Which pet air purifier should I choose for my pet allergy?

There are different solutions on the market, each with its characteristics. Air purifiers for pets differ in price, filter, size, purifying capacity, and effectiveness on specific categories of pollutants.

The most famous and effective alternatives are HEPA purifiers and PCO purifiers.

These two technologies are often mistakenly compared even if they involve extremely different air purification techniques. In fact, HEPA filters limit themselves to blocking pollutants through filters made up of very tight meshes, while the PCO technology acts in a totally different way.

Vitesy has chosen to exploit PCO technology because it is considered the most cutting-edge and eco-sustainable alternative on the market.

The solution we propose is called Natede: an IoT pet air purifier capable of combining 3 extraordinary principles of Nature, Technology, and Design in a single device.

The creation of our Natede started from a NASA study, according to which some plants can purify the air thanks to their growing substrate. In Natede's technology, this phyto-purification power of plants is enhanced by the PCO system, thanks to the photocatalysis process.

Photocatalysis differs from competitors because it provides a filter that does not block pollutants but eliminates them. Thanks to a particular chemical reaction that occurs between the action of the UV LEDs and the titanium dioxide (TiO2) that covers the ceramic filter, it is possible to obtain extraordinary results, eliminating:

natede natural pet air purifier

Furthermore, this type of photocatalytic filter is perennial, meaning it does not need to be replaced, but simply rinsed under water 1 or 2 times a year.

Natede monitors the air and reports the quality of your air via the app

In addition to the purification part, Natede is equipped with an air monitoring system that uses sophisticated sensors that allows, through its "Vitesy Hub" app, to check the values of:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • VOC (volatile organic compounds)
  • Fine Particulate
  • CO (carbon monoxide)

Thus allowing people to be more aware of the quality of their indoor air.

The safety and healthiness of one's air is a factor that allows you to live a much more peaceful life and to fully enjoy the company of your animals, without the thought of breathing in impurities and triggering the onset of allergy symptoms.

Buy Natede now to enjoy the benefits of clean, light, and safe air.

which plant is not toxic to cats and dogs?

Which plants are suitable for dogs and cats?

Since Natede uses the power of plants to purify indoor air, it's important to choose the most suitable plant.

Some plants, in fact, can be harmful to your pet's health. For this reason, it is essential to be careful when buying the plant to put inside your air purifier for pets and choose one suitable for animals. Here is a list of plants that are safe for your dogs and cats:

  • Nephrolepis Obliterata
  • Nephrolepis Exaltata
  • Gerbera Jamesonii
  • Phoenix Poebelenii
  • and many others

Which are the reviews of Natede users who have allergies?

Our job is to ensure the well-being of people, so the primary goal of selling our air purifiers is always to improve the health of our customers.

Here are some testimonials from those who bought Natede:

“As a person with high allergy I noticed when I used the natede that my allergy reaction dropped, so it is no joke, it really works.”
Bart, Netherlands
“I love the Natede! Getting the change in air quality alerts is very helpful for me and my asthma. This was worth the wait. Thank so much for a great product.”
Justina, North Carolina, USA
“It's beautiful, and I'm very happy to have something like this during the current crisis.”
Keith, California, USA