Our solution to indoor air pollution


A smart natural air purifier and indoor air quality monitor that combines nature, technology, and design.

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Purification Boosts the power of plants


Thanks to phytoremediation, plants can accumulate and eliminate contaminants in soils, water, or air. Natede boosts this natural power of plants to eliminate pollution from indoor air.

Natede has a photocatalytic filter covered with titanium dioxide that captures and eliminates VOCs, viruses, odors, and bacteria.

Natede Boosts the power of plants
Monitoring Groundbreaking technology and IoT ready


Natede’s app dashboard shows real-time monitoring of the IAQ (Internal Air Quality). Natede can connect to Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Natede features a proximity sensor that lets you turn it on and off by simply moving your hand close to it. Natede has a bright heart that beats flat or fast depending on the level of your indoor air quality.

Groundbreaking technology and IoT ready
Sustainability Recycled materials


Natede is made in Italy with high quality recycled plastic. It has also been designed to be easily recyclable; all its parts are assembled by interlocking without requiring glues.

It features a self-watering system that helps to further reduce water consumption. Its tank can supply up to 1L of water.

Natade is made with recycled materials
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Breathe better, live better

Natede, thanks to the interaction between the plant and the filter, improves your air quality.


-93% of VOCs
-40% of fine particulate (PM 2.5)
-99% of bacteria


Room size coverage: 36 m3
Time need: 3 hours

No filter replacement
No filter replacement

The ceramic filter is washable and doesn't need any replacement, eliminating unnecessary waste and extra expenses. You just need to wash it.


Improve your life and well-being with Natede. Natede will be your smart assistant for a new way of living.

Reduce breathing problems and allergies
Sleep better
Be more productive
Reduce headaches and dizziness

Check the indoor air quality with a simple touch

Check the quality of the air you breathe in real-time thanks to the Natede app.

Chart Analytics
Chart Analytics

Thanks to charts inside the app you can see the progress of each individual value. Follow the improvement over the weeks or months.

IoT Ready
IoT Ready

Ask Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa about the air quality. Natede directly reports the quality of the air you breathe, and you will be able to manage it with voice commands.

Top-Notch Sensors
Top-Notch Sensors

Natede features the most advanced sensors that can measure temperature, humidity, pollutants (VOCs), fine particulates (PM2.5), and carbon monoxide (CO).


The Natede LEDs blink depending on your indoor air quality. When it features a fixed light, you know you’re breathing excellent air!

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Monitoring with Natede

The sustainable solution to air pollution

We want to make a difference and the attention to the environment is our primary goal.

Recycled Materials

To preserve the environment, Natede is made from 100% recycled plastic. But we are green in the packaging too. In fact, we don’t use unnecessary extra plastic to ship our products.

Plant 10 trees

With the collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects we plant 10 mangroves in Madgascar for each product sold.

Shipments with low emissions

The green footprint goes from production to shipping. For this reason all our shipments are made guaranteeing the reduction of emissions.

Design Awards

European Product Design Award
European Commission
G20 Germany 2017
German Design Award Winner 2019
A' Design Award & Competition
Vitesy takes care of sustainability

Suggested Plants

Choose the perfect plant for your Natede. Each plant has specific purification properties toward different particles: this is why some plants are more efficient in some environments.

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