My plants keep suffering or even dying, what can I do?

We all know that it is always very sad when a living being dies. In fact, we have to keep in mind that plants need cures and attention in order to be safe and in good shape. 

Always check the water level, to ensure that your plant has a good amount of water everyday. Obviously you can’t treat every plant like the others. Every type of plant has its own specifics and needs different quantities of water (check the “Natede Smart Self-Watering System” FAQ). So if the soil is dry, we suggest watering the plant directly from the soil. Remember to remove the outer pot from the base: you can place it in the sink!

If your plant doesn't receive a lot of water make sure that the rope inside your Natede Smart is correctly placed

Did you try to force the plant to place in the groove? The inner basket can contain only a diameter from 7 to 13 cm.  

The problem can also be the ventilation - if you set the Natede Smart 24/7 in performance mode, the soil can dry faster.

Sometimes, when you fill the tank, the float could get wet and get stuck, because too much water and pressure is put on it. So try to fill the tank slowly the next time and see how it reacts to this. Another solution could be to fill the tank directly and not through the hole near the float.

If the float gets stuck when you water your Natede, try to avoid putting water in the hole of the self-watering system.


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