Why is the temperature different from other systems?

Our sensors are tested in climatic chambers that are controlled environments in which we can replicate various common climatic situations and measure the reliability of the measured values.

From the tests carried out in a climatic chamber and in a classic environment, the temperature on Eteria has proven to have a maximum difference of ±1°C; perfectly in line with the accuracy expected from this type of sensors on the market.

If a higher value is registered, make sure that your Eteria is placed in a spot where the sensor isn’t affected by external factors (like on a surface with a lower temperature than the surrounding environment).

If the situation is not resolved, the sensor could have some problem. Contact support@vitesy.com.

Please note: the high reliability of the sensors is guaranteed and tested in a controlled environment between 15°C and 35°C. Outside this interval, the sensor could slightly deviate from the real value.


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