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Tired of seeing your fresh food go bad?

Shelfy solves your problem by extending food shelf life by up to 12 days

without Shelfy
with Shelfy
extend strawberry shelf-life
without Shelfy
with Shelfy
extend zucchini shelf-life
without Shelfy
with Shelfy
extended peach shelf-life
without Shelfy
with Shelfy
extended endive shelf-life

How does Shelfy work in the fridge?

Watch the video to see how it protects your food

remove babteria

Eliminates 98% of bacteria and moulds

Eliminates bacteria and reduces possible contaminations to keep your food fresher and safer than ever.

remove odors

Eliminates odours

It reduces odours and keeps the refrigerator clean. It also minimises odour contamination, so vegetables will not taste like last night's leftovers.


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Shelfy on Amazon

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If you decide that Shelfy is not right for you, don't worry. Amazon will take care of collecting your Shelfy for free and refund everything you spent!

But we're sure you'll be super happy to be rid of bad smells and rotten food in your fridge.

You'll find it convenient, simple and effective!

Why do you need Shelfy?

Because food waste has a huge impact on our life


The amount of food produced that is wasted by each person is about 1/3 of the total food


Cost of food wasted by one person each year

3 bil tons

Greenhouse gas emissions from food waste, amounting to 8% of all emissions


Refrigerators with an above-average amount of bacteria and moulds

Get full control of Shelfy

Discover the app

Shelfy Vitesy Hub

Vitesy Hub app

Connect Shelfy to the app and learn more about your fridge's status thanks to the temperature and door opening sensors.

You can become a food storage expert thanks to our tips and the food library.


You can do better Your fridge has been opened more than 20 times today!


You're on fire In the last week your habits improved, keep it up!

The app is available for iOS and Android. Shelfy also works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Start a new way of living with Shelfy

Stop wasting food and money

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