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Our Green Impact

Our Green Impact

Being green is a lifestyle. Live with the awareness that we live on a planet with limited resources and everyone can contribute in a small way to give present and future generations a better life.

The environment in which we live represents our home and our future, so if we don't take care of it, the risk is that the planet will no longer take care of us.

Vitesy has put people's health as its primary goals, being aware of the strong link that exists between humans and the planet earth.

Natede green sustainable solution

Natede: the green and sustainable solution

Natede is made from 100% recycled plastic. But our products are green from production, a stage where there’s a lot of extra waste or no attention to the environmental impact. Following the Vitesy mission, the green footprint has been placed at the center of production. In fact, during the production and assembly of Natede glues are not used because the product was created to be assembled by interlocking. In this way we avoid chemicals and we use only eco-friendly materials.

Circular economy

The type of production and distribution that we do represents our idea of a circular economy. An economic system that has the opportunity to regenerate itself.

Here at Vitesy we decided to give plastic a new life because it is the most used and wasted material on the planet. We want to be a part of what the economic future of the planet must be for an eco-sustainable life. In fact, unlike traditional air purification systems, Natede is equipped with a photocatalytic filter that doesn't require replacement. In this way we avoid tons of waste and extend the life cycle of the product.