Vitesy Referral Program Regulation

Program Description

The referral program is called the Vitesy Referral Program.

The Vitesy Referral Program is a way to thank our customers for sharing their appreciation for Vitesy products with friends and family.By participating in the program, you can obtain a discount code and a personal link to share, offering a €20 discount (or equivalent in local currency) to those who use it. Additionally, you earn Amazon gift cards for each new customer who makes a purchase with your code.


Referrer: The person participating in the referral program and sharing their personal code or link.

Referral: The new person who receives the code or link from the referrer and uses it to make a purchase.

Program Participation

All users, including non-customers, can participate without geographical restrictions, as long as they reside in a country where Vitesy ships.

Referral Mechanism

Register for the program at with your email. You will receive a personal discount code and a unique link via email to share.

Access your personal dashboard at to view your referral code, the link to share, the count of referrals, and the rewards received or pending approval.

Necessary Actions for Referrals

Your referrals must place an order on the e-commerce site using your referral code.

After the 14-day return period from the product delivery, the referral will be approved. If the product is returned within this period, the referral will not be considered valid.

Rewards and Milestones

For each valid referral, you will receive an Amazon gift card worth €20 (or equivalent in local currency).

By reaching certain milestones, you will earn extra rewards:

  • At the 5th referral, an additional €50 Amazon gift card.
  • At the 10th referral, an additional €100 Amazon gift card.Amazon gift cards will be issued in your country’s currency.

Monitoring and Tracking

Orders using your referral code will be monitored and tracked.
Rewards are based solely on actual purchases, not on visits.

Prohibited Behaviors

  • Public Code Sharing: It is not allowed to publicly share your discount code on coupon sites, public forums, or comments on social media and Vitesy’s official channels (such as our Facebook page or YouTube videos).
  • Spam: Sending your referral code via unsolicited emails or spam messages is prohibited. This includes sending unauthorized messages to groups of people who have not requested to receive such communications.
  • Fake or Duplicate Accounts: Creating fake or duplicate accounts to generate fictitious referrals is strictly prohibited. Any attempt to manipulate the system with multiple accounts will be penalized.
  • Use of Bots or Automated Software: The use of bots, scripts, or any other automated software to generate referrals is prohibited.
  • Manipulating the Tracking System: Any attempt to manipulate or deceive the tracking system to gain unfair advantages will be considered a violation of the regulations.
  • Stealing Potential Company Clients: Promoting your referral code to customers already interacting with Vitesy through official company channels is not allowed.

Consequences for Violations

Users who violate the rules will be excluded from the program, and their referral code will be deactivated. Rewards will not be issued.

Program Duration

The program is permanent, but Vitesy reserves the right to close it at any time.

Support and Assistance

For assistance or reports, contact us through the contact page, consult the FAQ, or write to

Changes to the Regulations

Any changes to the regulations will be communicated via email to all program participants.