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Eteria. Your personal air purifier.

A diffuse purifying and monitoring system that takes care of your indoor air.

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Meet Eteria

Two products in
one solution

Eteria is made of 2 different parts: the purification system with the portable air purifier and the monitoring systems composed of as many modules as you want.

Purifying Unit

Monitoring Module

Main Features

One solution with
many features

Dual-stage purification: 2 filters for extra purification
High-quality sensors Temperature, Humidity, VOCs and CO2
No filters to change! Both washable
Control your air and change the mode with the app
Eliminate smoke, microbes, mold, VOCs, odors, NOx, PM10, PM2.5 - PM1.0.
Silent and low power consumption
Take Eteria wherever you need
Smart activation when it detects pollutants
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An easy way to improve your air

You can build an ecosystem around you according to your needs. Monitor the air quality wherever you want and always have the pollution level of every room under control to purify it.


Put your monitoring modules in every room.


Control the air quality on the Vitesy Hub app.


Take the air purifier and move it wherever you need.

How Eteria works

A two-steps
purification system

Eteria uses a powerful purifying technology that thanks to 2 efficient filters, can easily destroy airborne pollutants.

Step 1

Fabric Pre-filter

The external pre-filter blocks large particles like pollen, dander, and dust. It can be simply removed and washed in the washing machine.

Warp-knit 3D mesh
Easy to remove
Machine washable
Antimicrobial treatment
Step 2

Photocatalytic Filter

Sustainable nanotechnology is activated with light that eliminates bio-contaminants, microbes, mold, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), odors, Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and Carbon Monoxide (CO).

Ozone free
Washable under running water
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What Eteria eliminates

Tested in our laboratories

Traditional HEPA and activated carbon filters collect contaminants rather than destroy them. Our last-generation photocatalytic technology eliminates pollutants in the air.


    99,9% removed in 1 hour

    Humans, animals, dust, building materials, furnishings, air conditioners, humidifiers, and outdoor air are the main sources.

    Test conducted by an independent laboratory, according to the UNI EN ISO 6222:2001 standard.


    99% removed in the first hour

    You can find formaldehyde in cigarette smoke, paints, dyes, cosmetics, and cooking smoked or fried foods.

    Test conducted by an independent laboratory, according to the EN ISO 17621:2015 standard.

    Toluene (VOC)

    98% removed in 100 minutes

    Solvents in paint and glues such as toluene can linger in your home for extended amounts of time, but Eteria can destroy them so they aren’t inhaled.

    Test conducted by an independent laboratory


    -80% in just 5 minutes

    Eteria helps you in just a few minutes to remove ammonia from your air, often polluted by cleaning products.

    Test conducted by an independent laboratory.
    Why Eteria

    What makes Eteria different?

    FeaturesPhotocatalysisHEPA Activated
    Filter lasts forever No waste,
    No extra money
    Monitor at the same time more rooms Custom number of
    monitor modules
    Portable/easy to move
    Removes VOCsSignificantly reduced
    in 60 minutes
    Removes formaldehydeSignificantly reduced
    in 60 minutes
    Removes microrganismsSignificantly reduced
    in 60 minutes
    Reduces odors Tested on (CH3)3N, H2S,
    CH₃OH, NH3
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    What our customers said about us:

    5 stars / 54 reviews
    “It's elegant in appearance and operation. The device is incredibly sensitive to the slightest changes in air quality which is fascinating and also allows for swift responses when the device cleans the air.“
    “Excellent product, I bought it for my apartment and I must say that in a few hours I immediately perceived a change in the quality of the air.“
    “I love the air purification process, the ability to view stats on the app is great. Looks awesome!“
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