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To infinity and beyond

From an idea to 25 people company in less than 3 years. Find out our amazing story

natural air purifier vitesy
2016: our first product

In January, we presented our first product at CES in Las Vegas, the first natural air purifier ever made. After that, Plug & Play Ventures selected us for an incubation program in Silicon Valley and we launched our natural air purifier on Kickstarter. We raised twice the initial goal.

vitesy company
2017: Company

The European Union believed in us and invested €2 Million with Horizon 2020. Thanks to this amazing opportunity, in a few months, the team became bigger. From 3 to more than 20 people.

2018: Natede

We launched our second product Natede on Kickstarter. The success of Natede was immediate because we won the Bosch Global's pitching challenge at the Pioneers 2018 event in Vienna and the German Design Award.

2019: Vitesy

We started the year back to the USA with Natede at CES in Las Vegas for the second time. Thanks to your support, Natede reached over 1$ Million on pre-orders on Indiegogo. In June, we founded Vitesy, to start another chapter of our wonderful story.

2020: Eteria

We launched a new crowdfunding campaign and it was an incredible success. Meet Eteria, the new personal air purifier and monitoring system. A new way to purify and map the air inside your home

the evolution of vitesy
2021: The evolution

It was time to grow and evolve. After years of work and study, new ideas, projects, and revisions are ready.

natede basic
2022: Natede Basic

We launched our newest product: Natede Basic. With its elegant and minimal design, it’s more than an air purifier: it’s a design object for your home. Stay tuned for what’s coming next!