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How team Vitesy is working from home

How team Vitesy is working from home

Meet the team members, and find out how they are facing this period as we all work from home.

Many companies, including Vitesy, have adopted new solutions to continue operating. One of these is remote working. But this time we won't give you advice on how to improve your productivity from home; we want to do something more. We want to introduce you to the team, and share their thoughts and suggestions. Because behind every company, there are people who work hard and, like everyone else, are facing many changes and challenges. So why not take this opportunity to get to know them better?

Davide Rossetto – Cloud Developer

As part of the IT team, the change wasn’t big on an organizational level. Part of the team is already divided between Milan, where I am, Pordenone and remotely. This is why we are very lucky - we already use many tools daily to collaborate from a distance.

The most noticeable change was on a personal level. A bond you build in the office is hardly replaced by a call. I miss the lunches outside all together, but we don’t give up and we do aperitifs via Google Meet!

The positive side of this situation that we are all experiencing is that we have more time outside of our working hours. Before I used to spend an hour just for travel, now I can use it for personal passions.

Any advice I want to give? Maintain a routine. For me, it is essential to have timetables and respect them. So I can be much more productive.

Davide Rossetto

Martina Rigon – Organizational Developer

In the beginning, the change was dealt with in a positive way, and we kept the same way of working. We simply moved our daily work from the office to home. The tools to work from different places are there, and fortunately, we were already used to it.

Obviously, with the passage of time, the immediacy of meeting with people in person is lacking. With a live conversation, it's all simpler. Technology certainly helps us, but the spontaneity of human contact is missing.

In recent weeks, we have had the opportunity to take a breath from our usual hectic life. We can reinvent ourselves to be able to adapt to any situation.

It’s important these days, where we are in the same environment over and over, to take a break every now and then and set ourselves daily goals. Prioritize them and do one thing at a time.

Alessio D’Andrea – COO and co-founder

There has been a change, and for some of us, it hasn’t been easy. We were used to a co-working space, and being at home can be difficult at first. For this reason, it’s essential, if possible, to have a space in the house dedicated only to work.

One of the first things I did was create a routine and share it with the team members. So they know when they can contact you and when you need to be offline for operational activities that require total concentration.

This difficult situation leads to an increase in communication tools, and with them a thousand notifications. I prefer a call to a message; we must not lose the human relationship with colleagues. So you can have a chat before talking about work.

From every problem an opportunity arises. This situation is certainly testing us, but we know that we can get out of it stronger than before, knowing that we can face any situation.

There are also positive personal consequences. By saving an hour a day without my car, I can dedicate this time to sports or to all areas that were previously neglected.

Alessio D'Andrea

Aisha Vendruscolo – Community Manager

I like working from home, but the relationship with colleagues is missing. I used to go to the office every day to ask “Tea? Coffee?". Every now and then we can take a few breaks together in videochat, but it’s certainly not the same.

In my opinion, if a team manages to face a situation that tests us, it can overcome anything. It’s essential to see the opportunity for growth in any difficulty.

This is why we must remain positive, maybe move your workspace from one day to the next and, if you have the opportunity, work for a few hours outdoors. It’s nice to sit on the terrace and work on the next posts on Photoshop.

My advice to be more organized is only one: to-do lists. Writing a list of things to do during the day is essential. Often, however, the work is a lot, so you have to set a weekly goal and complete it.

Aisha Vendruscolo

Davide Rizzetto – Production Engineer

Each person on the team is different and faces the change based on the type of work she/he does. Obviously for me, it’s difficult to work as I’m not able to go to our partners, follow the production, ship and collaborate with suppliers -- since they are all closed.

The positive side of this situation is that all those secondary activities that often lose priority can be carried out. We are re-evaluating the importance of everything, both at work and on a personal level. The routine is no longer the same, but you have more time for your hobbies.

As I work with people, human contact is missing, and you can feel the isolation. Talking only on the phone or by email is not comparable to a conversation in person. We can't wait to go back to our routine!

Alessio Zanut – Full Stack Developer

As a freelancer, I was already used to working remotely: in the office, at home or even at the beach. But what I've always missed is human contact. Even in the office, I never liked wearing headphones; I like hearing the chats and the people in the background.

Things have changed, of course, but on the one hand, they remain the same. Now I will no longer be able to answer those who ask me why the printer is not working, but now I have my grandfather asking me how to raise the volume on his iPad!

Routine is a fundamental aspect, especially knowing when colleagues are available. There are many distractions at home, which is why it is important to stay focused and stick to your daily plan.

Alessio Zanut

Federico Faleschini – Account Sales Manager

I have adapted well to the change. Fortunately here in Vitesy, we were well organized with all the tools to be able to communicate and work effectively at a distance. I was sorry, as I’m new to the team, about not being able to get to know my colleagues well and to have more contact with them. Not only the office work is missing, but also the fun part.

The closure of many companies has had an impact on commercial work, as you don’t have any way to know the clients. The human aspect is limited and in this area is fundamental.

Obviously there are some difficulties, especially if you have children who ask you "what is this" when they turn off the power strip connected to the computer. But despite everything, there are always positive aspects of every situation. During isolation, I was able to test my skills with plants, which in the past was terrible. But now it looks like I have a green thumb!

Federico Faleschini

We are sure that this situation will make us think differently, slow down the rhythms and appreciate the simple moments that were part of our hectic routine.


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