How does Natede work and what benefits does it bring?
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How does Natede work and what benefits does it bring?

Find out how Natede can improve our daily life

Taking care of the indoor air has become essential today as never before. In fact, our time at home  has increased exponentially in the last year, with the consequent need for a healthy and clean environment.

Everyone might think that opening the window to renew the airflow is sufficient and satisfies our need for clean air. Unfortunately, this is not true.

However, most of the pollutants remain trapped in our homes and even some agents can be transported inside by the external air.

So how can you protect yourself and the people you love in indoor spaces?
Simple: with an air purifier! In particular, our choice is Natede.

Natede is a smart air purifier that combines Nature, Technology, and Design. In fact, thanks to its photocatalytic filter (which does not need to be changed) it is able to exponentially increase the purifying power of plants, thus giving new life to the air you breathe.

How does natural purification work?

The first step is characterized by the filter made up of the plant itself. In fact, some plants can remove pollutants, capture them inside the soil and roots where microorganisms eliminate these substances, making them become nourishment for the plant itself.

Subsequently, this natural process is amplified with the presence of a photocatalytic filter treated with titanium dioxide which, thanks to activation by LED light, destroys all pollutants.

Natede has been designed to create new and clean air, thus giving us prolonged well-being that can be summarized in 6 main benefits for our health.

how does natural purification work?

1) It eliminates viruses, bacteria, and the main pollutants that are harmful to our health

Thanks to the photocatalysis process of its ceramic filter, Natede is able to eliminate:

-99% of viruses and bacteria

-93% of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

-40% of PM2.5

This leads to significant improvements for our breathing because these types of pollutants are among the first causes of respiratory diseases, which can lead to serious consequences on our body and, more generally, on our health.

2) It reduces respiratory problems and allergies

The massive reduction of pollutants in one's air leads as a direct consequence to the alleviation of symptoms due to the daily inhalation of pathogens and allergens.

In fact, clean and purified air allows the body to regenerate itself when the immune system is under stress, in order to be more reactive and effective in the future.

3) It improves the quality of your sleep

Breathing is an automatic process of our body because without it we could not live. Precisely for this reason, even while we sleep, our body continues to breathe and allows us to rest properly. The problem arises when the quality of the air we breathe while we sleep is not good. In the long run, leading us to suffer from insomnia and daily fatigue.

So to help us cope with peaceful sleep, it is necessary to ensure that our body breathes high-quality, fresh, and clean air during the night. Another thing that can improve the quality of your sleep is to insert a plant within Natede that produces oxygen during the night.

High-quality air guarantees better oxygenation to our brain, thus allowing us to increase our productivity and concentration. In fact, a 2013 study by the Technical University in Denmark, carried out by scientists Pawel Wargocki and David P. Wyon, revealed that the working environment affects work performance by 10%. It has been proven that tasks that require greater concentration, memory, and originality are particularly susceptible to poor air quality.

it improves the quality of your sleep

5) It reduces headache and dizziness

If indoor air is polluted, it can lead to a perennial non-optimal breathing state, because the oxygen level is lowered with the consequent increase in the number of pollutants. This leads to an increase in headaches and dizziness because the body and mind live in a latent state of respiratory stress. Having a good level of air quality can therefore prevent these annoying phenomena thanks to a healthier and more ideal environment.

6) It improves your mood

One of the first rules to be happy is to feel good and fit. The quality of the air plays a very important role from this point of view because it allows us to feel better physically, mentally, and to perceive the environment around us as healthy and safe.

On average, we all take 20,000 breaths every day. This makes us understand how important it is for us to have excellent air quality to feel in a good mood and calm about ourselves.

Can Natede help me improve my air quality?

Can Natede help me improve my air quality?

The answer is: yes! And not only!
Natede is a cutting-edge eco-sustainable air purification solution capable of exploiting nature and nanomaterials to offer you good air quality in full respect and support for the planet.

In fact, Natede enhances and amplifies the phyto-purification power of plants, which thanks to their cultivation substrate, allow you to eliminate pollutants present in your indoor air, bringing enormous benefits and advantages to your daily life.

Change your life with Natede. Breathe better and live better.


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